What Are Large Plastic Bins Used For?


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Example of ways to use large plastic bins include storage for dog food, as a pet bath tub, storage for toys or as a play aquarium. Some other ideas are to use them as garden planters or as a home for a small pet.

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Dog and other pet foods commonly attract pests when left in the bag. Avoid this by storing it in a plastic bin with a lid. This also helps the animal food last longer. Using a large plastic bin as a bathtub for a pet helps avoid a big mess in the bathroom. It also keeps hair from clogging house drains.

Colorful plastic bins serve as color coded storage for different types of toys. This is a good way to teach kids how to organize things. To use a plastic bin as a play aquarium, have a child draw fish and other aquatic creatures on construction paper and cut them out. Tape the fish to string, and tape the string to the lid of the box. Cut a hole in a side of the box so the child has access to the fish inside.

Cut holes in the bottom of a plastic bin for drainage when using it as a garden planter. Fill it with mulch and soil to avoid weeds.

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