How Do You Find Large Bamboo Wind Chimes?


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Woodstock Chimes sells large bamboo wind chimes at Chimes.com, and Hayneedle.com carries large bamboo chimes as well. WeatherShack.com and Amazon.com also carry large bamboo wind chimes. Whimsical Winds Wind Chimes offers large bamboo wind chimes in several creative designs.

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Woodstock Chimes offers large whole- and half-coconut wind chimes that are 36 long. The company also offers a natural ring bamboo wind chime that is 37 inches long. Woodstock Chimes also offers several creative animal bamboo wind chimes, including bird, turtle, elephant, fish and monkey chimes.

Hayneedle.com offers large bamboo wind chimes from Woodstock's Asli Arts collection, including a 35-inch woven hat wind chime, a 40-inch Gloria Gooney wind chime, a 45-inch natural ring wind chime, a 35-inch whole coconut chime and a 37-inch Gilbert Gooney chime. The company also carries a 34-inch half-coconut wind chime, a 42-inch black ring wind chime and a 36-inch hand-painted parrot chime from Woodstock Chimes.

WeatherShack.com carries several large bamboo wind chimes from Woodstock Chimes, including the natural ring, coconut and parrot chimes, as well as a 33-inch cherry blossom bamboo chime. Amazon.com offers large Cohasset bamboo wind chimes and a 37-inch burnt flower bamboo wind chime from Florida Gifts. The company also offers some large bamboo chimes from Woodstock Chimes' Asli Arts collection.

Whimsical Winds Wind Chimes offers a 42-inch peace sign bamboo wind chime, a 38-inch flowering whisper chime, a 38-inch blue butterfly design, a 42-inch cowboy boot chime and 37-inch Canadian goose design. The company also carries several of Woodstock's large bamboo chimes.

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