When Do Large Appliances Go on Sale?

When Do Large Appliances Go on Sale?

Large appliances typically go on sale during the months of September and October, after the new models are unveiled. Refrigerators are the exception. Since the new models come out in May, the previous year's models are on sale during the same month.

Discounts on previous models continue throughout the end of the year or until they are sold. The longer the previous model remains in the stock, the deeper the discount. Popular models sell quickly once on sale, so they may not be available later in the year.

Appliances are also discounted for major holidays, including Presidents Day, Labor Day and Memorial Day. Thanksgiving and Christmas sales also offer the opportunity for extra discounts on appliances.

Since many people shop on Sundays, discounts are commonly offered on this day. The weekly store circular is likely to list the current sales for any appliances.

Even if a large appliance is not on sale, a lower price can often be negotiated. Visit a store at the end of the month when monthly commissions or quota periods are ending. Weekdays are also a good time, since the sales associates are less busy.

Open-box and refurbished appliances are offered at a discount throughout the year. Since these items are often limited, they are not listed online or in the store circulars, so visit or call the local stores.