What Are Some Landscaping Uses for Redwood Bark?


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Redwood bark can be used as mulch or as an ornamental ground cover. A homeowner can lay redwood bark along the foundation of a house creating an ornamental look that doubles as an insect repellent.

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Redwood bark is most useful as mulch. Placing it under plants helps the soil to stay moist, keeps weed growth down and regulates soil temperatures. For instance, placing it under trees where grass or other plants have trouble growing gives a yard a sharp appearance and stifles weed growth. It works just as well in flower gardens, in perennial plant beds, around potted plants and along garden paths. To apply, a homeowner needs to lay down 3 to 6 inches of redwood bark. If the layer is too thick, fungal diseases can result.

Redwood bark should not be used in vegetable gardens because vegetable gardens are dug up and replanted every year. Because redwood bark is flammable, it needs to be kept away from any fire. Some mulch resembles redwood bark, but is in fact scrap wood treated with chemicals to give it a similar appearance. A homeowner needs to stay away from this sort of mulch because the chemicals can be harmful. Before purchasing mulch, the homeowner needs to read the label to make sure that he is getting real redwood mulch.

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