What Are Some Landscaping Ideas for a Water Garden?


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Some landscaping ideas for water gardens are sloped streams, fountains and decorative ponds. These features can incorporate existing structures, furniture and unique features, such as bridges or terraces.

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Sloped streams incorporate terraces, flat boulders, walkways and plants. Better Homes and Gardens recommends weeping willows, dwarf evergreens, lilies and water plants for this style of water garden. Rock borders, curved wooden walkways to mimic pond outlines and ground cover plants are other features that complement this water garden style. Sloped streams can also be built to mimic waterfalls and used instead of fountains or other moving water features.

Fountains can be added in a variety of designs, including natural, modern and classic styles. Modern fountains include sharp corners, geometric shapes and a design that contrasts with the landscape. Classic fountain styles incorporate trellises, sculpted fountains and decorative plants, such as flowers and topiaries. Natural looking fountains mimic waterfalls and other natural water features and incorporate plants, rocks and other natural features into their designs.

More unique water features include bridges, benches or tables overlooking ponds, and Japanese-style sand or rock gardens. Modern ideas for these features include rectangular ponds and accent lighting. Outbuildings such as garden sheds can also be incorporated into these designs.

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