What Are Some Landscaping Ideas Using Outdoor Angels?


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Some landscaping ideas using outdoor angels include angel arrangements according to size and color. Additionally, users can arrange individual angels to hold fairy lights and other illuminating fixtures to create light in gardens and walkways. Bundling up several fairy lights is a good way to create a bouquet effect in the angel's hands, and it is not uncommon to use the lights themselves to create glowing silhouettes of angels and other biblical figures on the lawn.

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Seasonally, angels can also decorate the lawn to create nativity scenes with the baby Jesus, or you can grotesquely position them in macabre arrangements and circles for Halloween. The degree of decoration depends largely on your available props and available space, as you can position the angels around entire manger configurations, complete with lights, natural fixtures and other attractive decorative options.

You can also purchase many practical objects that are shaped like angels, such as bird feeders and outdoor candle-holders in the rough shapes of angels. In addition to retail items, you can create your own angels with regular household equipment to create a more personalized effect. Some common themes for handmade items include junkyard angels, where you put random items together in an angel form, and woodworking angels, where you carve the shape out of blocks of wood or put together other pieces of wood in the desired shape.

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