What Are Some Landscaping Ideas for a Small Backyard?


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Tiers and raised beds, dwarf plantings, sectioning and walkways are all excellent landscape choices for a small space. These options utilize small spaces efficiently and create the illusion of more space.

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When there is little room to expand outward, expanding upward is essential. Small yards benefit from tiered features. Not only do raised flower beds protect against crowding and shading for sun-loving plants, but tiers draw the eye and make a space appear bigger. Creating levels in a small yard also provides space for a bistro set or furniture.

Creating distinct sections in the a small yard allows for visual interest and prevents the appearance of clutter. Dwarf shade trees or shrubs help lend a woodland atmosphere to a dark corner and provide the backdrop to sunny tiered flower beds. Dwarf Japanese maples are a fantastic choice in woody plants for a small yard as they grow slowly and exhibit showy leaves. A small slate terrace is a great spot for a small water feature and container plantings, while a raised wooden deck accommodates lawn furniture and an outdoor fireplace. Keeping these features in distinct, identifiable areas prevents the yard from looking busy or overdone.

If a small space has dense landscaping, a walkway is a good choice for moving around the yard without damaging any plants or beds. A walkway also draws the eye along a straight line to create an illusion of greater space. Incorporate vertical layers into the path by building trellises or an arbor over the walkway or by adding a small bridge of series of steps.

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