What Are Some Landscaping Ideas for the Front of a House?


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One landscaping idea for the front of the house is to add a winding path from the front gate leading to the home's front door. Another idea is to include rows of trees along the border of the path to add visual appeal to the yard.

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Many landscapers choose to carry the theme of the house into the yard. To do this, base the landscaping design on the home's construction materials or color. One example is to use large boulders and natural vegetation in the yard of a terra-cotta house to achieve a cohesive look. Add a country estate quality to the front of a house by using a simple landscaping design that includes an antique iron gate and vegetation placed strategically around the yard. Another landscaping idea for the front yard is to incorporate planters into the design. This makes it easy to change the look of the landscaping as the seasons change. Draw attention to the front of the house by adding window boxes that contain flowers chosen to compliment the home's color. To make the look more dramatic, mix in flowers that match the color of the house's trim. Homes that are a neutral color work well as a backdrop against landscaping that uses brightly colored flowers.

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