What Are Landscaping Concrete Blocks Used For?


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Concrete landscaping blocks come in a variety of styles and sizes, which can be used for retaining walls and lining walkways, patios and concrete block fences. The different sizes and styles of concrete blocks make them fitting for a variety of projects. The different styles are often surprising because the words "concrete blocks" normally bring to mind the rectangular ones used for walls and construction.

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The rectangular blocks that are most commonly seen are also good for landscaping. They can be used to build walls and fences or may even be used as the base for building porches or yard features. They may come with textures such as split edges. Smooth blocks are often covered with a decorative stone. Sometimes they're covered with other concrete blocks that are made in a more decorative manner, or they may be covered with other materials such as lattice board for vines to grow up.

Patio blocks are often made in a variety of shapes, such as round, square and rectangle. They are often different colors so homeowners can make any number of patterns for their patio. These blocks also can be used for walkways, which allows homeowners a wider variety of options and patterns for their home than they might get with just bricks or pavers alone.

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