How Do You Landscape Under Pine Trees?

How Do You Landscape Under Pine Trees?

Landscape under pine trees with plants such as creeping mahonia, vinca vine and lamium. Due to the constant needle drop from pine and other evergreens, the soil underneath these trees is often more acidic and not all plants grow well in these conditions.

Many homeowners have problems landscaping the area underneath pine trees because of the lack of sun, water and the constant pine needles under the tree. Pine trees also have many large roots that take up most of the water in a yard. However, some plants thrive in these conditions because they tolerate shade and drought very well.

Creeping mahonia is a semi-evergreen plant that spreads up to four feet and grows to be up to two feet tall. A healthy creeping mahonia has glossy dark green leaves and produces small yellow flowers, adding a lovely contrast to the green of a pine tree. The mahonia also produces sour berries that birds love.

Another plant for landscaping under a pine tree is the vinca vine. Also called periwinkle, the vinca vine is flat, providing ground cover that grows very quickly. Many species of vinca vines produce flowers. For a vine that is drought resistant, opt for the vinca minor rather than the vinca major.

Lamium, sometimes called dead nettle, is a fast-growing plant that has ruffled leaves that range from white to green. This plant produces flowers that can be purple or white. The lamium grows to about 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. Although this plant spreads quickly, homeowners can control its growth by pinching off the longer branches.