How Do You Landscape With Dwarf Shrubs?

How Do You Landscape With Dwarf Shrubs?

Dwarf shrubs can be used in landscapes to form hedges, foundation plantings, borders and topiaries for gardens. Dwarf shrubs are also used as ground coverings in landscapes due to their slow growth and limited height.

English boxwoods are dwarf shrubs that are easy to shape by pruning, making them ideal choices for flat hedges or rounded topiaries. Hedges can be decorative or functional, and the dense leaves of English boxwoods help create a wall-like privacy for gardens. Formal landscape designs with structured lines and pathways frequently employ this kind of dwarf shrub.

Foundation plantings use dwarf shrubs aesthetically to camouflage edges and gaps in housing construction. Small evergreen shrubs can also provide insulation around a home’s foundation, which promotes energy efficiency by lowering heating costs.

Dwarf shrubs such as heather or mountain avens grow low to the ground and stay green throughout the year, making them an attractive ground cover in landscaping. They can grow harmoniously with flowers and come in a variety of different leaf shapes and colors.

Dwarf shrubs can flourish in full sun or partial shade, but an area with partial shade is preferred. The shallow roots of English boxwoods benefit from the cooler temperatures of shaded soils. English boxwoods need to be planted in areas with good soil drainage; root rot can occur if the ground stays too wet.