Does My Landlord Have to Paint My Apartment?


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With the exception of New York City, there are no firm state or local laws that require your landlord to paint your apartment. New York City requires landlords to paint their rental units (only applied to buildings with more than 3 apartment units) every three years.

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Although there is no legal requirement forcing landlords to paint your apartment, the landlord is responsible for maintaining the property. If you dispute this issue with your landlord and the matter makes its way to court, the court will rule in your favor if it deems painting is necessary.

Your landlord must paint your dwelling if you live in the unit for several years and it goes unpainted. If you live in a dwelling for less than a year and the walls were freshly painted upon moving in, your landlord will not be required to paint.

Before moving into an apartment, you can ask to have the walls painted or you can request to paint them yourself if you deem them unsatisfactory.

Your landlord's specific upkeep responsibilities are outlined in your rental agreement. The lease is a legally-binding contract that is enforceable by law. If your landlord violates the provisions of the contract by failing to paint your unit as outlined in the agreement, you have the right to seek legal action.

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