How Do You Laminate Wood?

To laminate wood, measure its surface, cut the laminate, sand and dust the wood, lay the laminate on the wood and trim the laminate. You need rags, newspaper, tape, a marker, sandpaper, contact cement, a paintbrush, an orbital sander, a measuring tape, a laminate router and an edge router.

  1. Measure the wood

    Use a measuring tape to measure the wood. Tape several sheets of newspaper together, and lay them flat. Draw the outline of the wood on the paper, adding 1 inch to each dimension. Cut out the stencil, and draw an X in its center.

  2. Cut the laminate

    Put the laminate sheet on a flat surface. Place the stencil on top of the laminate, and trace around the perimeter. Cut the laminate with a laminate router along the tracing line. Set the laminate aside.

  3. Sand and dust the wood

    Sand the wood with an orbital sander fitted with coarse sandpaper. Load the sander with medium-grain sandpaper, and sand the wood again. Switch to fine sandpaper, sand a third time, and dust the wood with a rag.

  4. Put the laminate on the wood

    Apply contact cement to the front of the wood and the back of the laminate sheet Give the cement 10 minutes to set. Lay the laminate on top of the wood with the back side facing down.

  5. Remove air bubbles

    Run a rolling pin over the laminate to remove air bubbles. Trim the perimeter of the laminate with an edge router.