How Do You Laminate a Table?

How Do You Laminate a Table?

To laminate a table, select the laminate product you wish to use, prepare the table, measure the table, measure and cut the laminate, and apply the laminate to the table. You need self-adhesive laminate sheets, a sharp utility knife, a chisel, protective goggles and scissors for the job. You also need a large ruler, sandpaper, a soft cloth and a tape measure.

Begin by selecting the laminate material for the project. Choose self-laminating sheets for ease of application. Most hardware stores sell laminate sheets.

Don protective goggles, and then prepare the table by cleaning the table and sanding it with sandpaper to create a smooth surface. Use a soft cloth to remove any dust that accumulates from sanding. If the table has a veneered or laminated surface, use a chisel to ply it off.

Measure the table with a tape measure, adding an inch to each measurement to allow for proper cutting of the laminate sheet. Mark the laminate sheet with your measurements, and cut the laminate in a straight line using a utility knife.

Peel off the laminate sheet’s backing and position it on the table, allowing the extra inch to hang over. Firmly press the laminate onto the table, pushing over it firmly for proper adherence. Add books to the top of the table to encourage the laminate to set, leaving them in place overnight. The next day, lightly sand the edges of the laminate until smooth.