What Are Lab Uses for Liquid Nitrogen Freezers?


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In a laboratory setting, liquid nitrogen freezers are typically used for long-term storage in temperatures below -196 degrees Celsius. Additionally, they’re used for the transportation of materials that require extremely low temperatures, such as samples of bone marrow, cord blood or stem cells.

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Samples that are stored in liquid nitrogen freezers maintain their integrity while being applied in oncology research, assisted reproduction or gene therapy. Liquid nitrogen freezers are normally automated and backed up via battery power. They also feature multiple racks that increase the storage capacity needed for cryogenic boxes and vials.

Cryopreservation equipment offered by Thermo Scientific is designed to maintain low and consistent temperatures even when the source of its power is cut, allowing the stored samples to remain protected for extended periods of time. Another feature of Thermo Scientific liquid nitrogen freezers is the integrated control system, which combines the functionality of the printer, microprocessor control and the freezing chamber. Software based on the Microsoft Windows operating system provides an interface through which a laboratory worker can control the freezing rate and print out pertinent data once the system is connected to a personal computer.

In terms of accessories, liquid nitrogen freezers typically make use of platform dividers and multiple types of racks, including vertical, square, canister cane storage and arrowhead racks. Some models also feature a telephone dialing system that allows laboratory workers remote access to the equipment.

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