Which Kubota Lawn Tractor Is Best for a One-Acre Lawn?

The Kubota T1880 fits the specifications recommended by Popular Mechanics for lawns three-quarters to one acre in size (17 to 22 horsepower engine and 42-inch deck). The T1880 has a 42-inch mowing deck and an 18-horsepower one-cylinder engine adequate for lawns one acre or less in size. Like other Kubota T80 series lawn tractors, it features a hydrostatic transmission, which enables changes in speed and direction without shifting and gives the driver full control of the steering at all times.

The T1880 also features an easy mower-lift that raises and lowers the mower deck with the push of a button. A 7-bushel grass catcher attachment is available for the T1880 lawn tractor and it features, as do all T80 series Kubota lawn tractors, the "infinity deck," which enables the operator to change between side-discharge, mulching and grass catching without changing blades.

The T1880 falls into the entry-level lawn tractor category, while Kubota's T2080 and T2380 mid-level lawn tractors, suitable for mowing lawns at least an acre in size, also qualify as entry-level garden tractors. The Kubota T2080 features a 20-horsepower, two-cylinder engine and a 42-inch mower-deck. The Kubota T2380, with a 22-horsepower engine, has a 48-inch mowing deck, which is typically recommended for two or more acres. Cruise control, a high-back adjustable seat and an exclusive suspension system with shocks connected to the operator's platform are additional features standard on the T2080 and T2380.