How Do You Get Kool-Aid Stains Out of Clothing?

To remove Kool-Aid from clothes, treat the garment as quickly as you can, flushing it with cold water and applying stain pretreatment before washing the clothing item normally. Soaking the garment in a mixture of warm water and oxygen-based bleach is the next step if the stain is still present..

  1. Treat the garment as soon as possible

    Get the food coloring in the Kool-Aid out of the clothes as soon as possible. Hold the garment under a faucet, and flush the stain with cold water. Apply stain pre-treatment or laundry detergent directly to the stain, working it in with your fingers. Put the garment into the washing machine (with other garments of like color, if desired), and start the machine.

  2. Use oxygen-based bleach

    Check the garment after the wash cycle is complete. Mix warm water and oxygen-based bleach according to the instructions on the bottle, and soak the garment in the mixture overnight. Repeat again if necessary, and then wash the garment again once the stain is gone.

  3. Tell your dry cleaner about the stain

    Take garments that have "Dry Clean Only" on the care label to the dry cleaner as soon as possible, and make the attendant aware of the stain. Apply home dry clean stain remover to the affected spot on the garment, and then put the garment into the dryer bag if you are using a home dry cleaning kit. Begin this process as soon as you notice the stain.