How Do Kohler and Generac Generators Differ?

How Do Kohler and Generac Generators Differ?

The most important differences between Kohler and Generac generators include the power output and the engine components. Other differences include the housing, the display, noise level and warranty period.

When comparing the power outputs of Kohler and Generac generators, Kohler generators maintain a voltage within plus or minus 1 percent of the 240-volt rate. Generac models are found to deviate significantly under a steady load. The power output indicates the reliability with which power is delivered to the home.

Kohler generators feature a sturdier engine block with a 500-pound thrust crankshaft, hydraulic valve lifters and high-flow cylinder valves. Generac generators consist of an overhead valve industrial, or OHVI, engine. Kohler generators offer a five-year warranty, while Generac generators offer a four-year limited warranty. Kohler generators have a corrosion-proof covering for protection of the system components. Generac generators are made of environmentally friendly components with aluminium housings.

Generac generators show a lesser noise level in decibels as compared to the Kohler generator. The price depends on the size of the generators. Generac models come with an LED lighting display. Kohler models come with an LCD display.

Kohler generators have been in the industry since World War I, while the Generac generators arrived on the market in 1959.