How Does the Kohler ADA-Accessible Toilet Compare to Normal Toilets?

When comparing regular toilets to Kohler toilets accessible for people with disabilities according to Americans with Disabilities Act standards, consumers may notice the ADA-compliant toilets have seats 17 inches in height or higher, which is approximately two inches higher than many regular toilets. Kohler calls these models Comfort Height toilets. Not all Kohler Comfort Height toilets meet all ADA requirements.

The seats of Kohler Comfort Height toilets have similar heights to most chair seats. This seat height makes a difference for older people and people with injuries who may have difficulty getting up from lower toilet seats. The Kohler Comfort Height toilets come in the same finishes as other Kohler models and coordinate with other pieces in Kohler's bathroom collections.

Toilets must meet other requirements in order to be compliant with ADA-mandated guidelines. Their center line must be 16 to 18 inches from the wall, and the user must be able to flush the toilet without having to tightly grasp the lever or twist his wrist, as these movements can be painful for people with wrist injuries or arthritis. Some Kohler ADA-compliant toilets have infrared sensors that activate the flush, which provides an alternative to the lever that may be better for people with disabilities. Grab bars installed around the toilet must be at least 36 inches long, be mounted at least 1.5 inches from the wall, have a gripping surface of at least 1.25 inches and be able to withstand at least 250 pounds of pressure.