Are There Known Problems With Ariens Snow Blowers?

Some Ariens snow blowers are top picks for best snow removal, according to Consumer Reports, while other models have had recalls associated with them. The most recent 2014 recall affected the Ariens Compact Sno-Thro and Power Brush.

The Ariens Compact Sno-Thro and Power Brush was recalled in mid-2014 due to the possibility of a drive pulley cracking during use causing the brush to continue rotating after the clutch lever is disengaged. Other models' issues, according to Consumer Reports, include the Ariens Pro Path 938033 and 938034 for repeatedly stalling, poor snow removal and little throwing distance. The Consumer Reports top pick models were the 30-inch 921032 and the 28-inch 921030 for superior maneuverability and snow removal function.