What Knives Are in a Case XX Knife Set?


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As of April 2015, the only set of kitchen knives offered by Case XX is a set of four steak knives. However, WRCase.com features a range of pocket and folding knife gift sets, all of which include at least one blade and appropriate presentation packaging.

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What Knives Are in a Case XX Knife Set?
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Case XX's commemorative battle sets, such as the Battle of the Wilderness set, come with folding knives of an appropriate vintage style, as well as a booklet and medallion commemorating the events of the battle. Other commemorative sets that feature a keepsake medallion include the various Ford Mustang 50th Anniversary sets.

Many of the more general gift sets come complete with sharpeners and sheaths, and these are presented in attractive display boxes. Case XX also offers gift set tools for fishing and golf that include small blades as well as specialized tools relevant to each hobby.

Some of the small gift blades come in specific presentation tins for special events, including birthday, graduation and anniversary greetings. The knives in these sets come with a minimum of clip and spey blades.

Not all of these sets are available online, but the website includes a link to help buyers find a local authorised dealer who can source the sets they want to buy.

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