What Are Some Kitchenette Design Tips?

What Are Some Kitchenette Design Tips?

Designing a kitchenette involves using concepts that create an illusion of space and incorporating proper lighting. Paying attention to the walls and the floor is also key in designing a kitchenette.

When designing a kitchenette, focus on its central function of meal preparation. Consider scaling down on the size of the appliances and using small furniture.

Open up the kitchenette space by getting rid of the top cupboards and replacing them with open shelves. Create more storage space by making shelves on the wall area above the counters. Limit the number of shelves installed in each area, and use them to keep things you use regularly.

Mount bulky utensils on the walls or overhead using hooks. To reclaim the space normally taken up by a kitchen table, install a bar countertop on one wall to act as a preparation and an eating area.

Use glass and mirrors on appliances and furniture to create an illusion of space. Glass doors opening to the outside or to adjacent rooms serve the same purpose. Paint the walls using light colors, as they reflect light and make the room seem expansive. Get creative with space-saving lighting choices by installing lights under the cabinets or suspending lights over the eating area.