Why Is My KitchenAid Ice Maker Not Working and Its Light Blinking?

The blinking maintenance light on a KitchenAid ice maker may indicate that the water filter needs to be changed or that the bins or dispensers are not installed correctly. The water supply may also be experiencing low pressure, especially if the ice cubes are small or hollow.

If a KitchenAid ice maker is not producing ice at all, the water filter may have clogged or ice could be stuck in the dispenser. The ice bin should be pulled out and examined for debris or clogs, and the water filter may need to be emptied and flushed.

If the ice has a foul odor, taste or color, the piping may need to be examined. Clogged or damaged water hoses could also produce ice that is discolored or tastes like minerals. The water supply lines should also be checked for kinks or pinched areas that may be cutting off or restricting the water flow. The water shutoff valve should be open as well.

With some KitchenAid models, the freezer door must be firmly shut for the ice maker to operate. It may help to check to see if the ice maker switch is on before operating. When inspecting and troubleshooting the ice maker, the unit should be unplugged to avoid electric shock.