Which Kitchen Stove Do Consumers Prefer?

Which Kitchen Stove Do Consumers Prefer?

As of 2014, consumers rank the LG LRG3095ST and LDG3036ST and Whirlpool WFG540HOA and WFG510S0A among the top gas kitchen stoves, according to ConsumerSearch.com. The Whirlpool WFE540H0A, WFE51020A and WFC310S0A were top picks for electric ranges.

Gas ranges are popular among consumers because they are affordable and reliable even in a power outage, says ConsumerSearch.com. Gas stoves are also preferred for their uniform heat, while electric ranges offer a more consistent oven temperature.

The LG LRG3095ST was very popular among more than 400 reviewers on HomeDepot.com, AJMadison.com and Sears.com, as reported by ConsumerSearch.com. Consumers gave it high ratings for its large capacity, variety of burners and convection oven, but it does not boil water as quickly as some other ranges. The LDG3036ST adds a double oven and performed well in professional tests performed by Good Housekeeping.

The Whirlpool WFG540H0A gas range is a popular budget-based choice, rated 4.5 out of 5 stars based on more than 400 reviewers at HomeDepot.com and AJMadison.com. The Whirlpool WFG510S0A received 4.6 out of 5 stars on HomeDepot.com and Lowes.com, states ConsumerSearch.com.

The Whirlpool WFE540H0A gets consistently excellent performance ratings among consumers based on its even heating, convenient features and extra-large capacity oven, says ConsumerSearch.com. The Whirlpool WFE510S0A and WFC310S0A are highly ranked options for those on a budget.