What Are Some Kitchen Interior Design Ideas?

The DIY Network suggests that stylish kitchen designs can be modeled after English-country, French-country, Mediterranean, Tuscan-style or home-cottage kitchens. Some kitchen interior designs include adding bright color accents or implementing natural color schemes. For instance, warm, earthy tones of spices can create a rustic appeal.

One interior design idea is to paint a kitchen white and add bright blue accents to enliven the space. Other bright colors, such as vintage orange mohair stools and bold wall prints, can add style to a kitchen without expensive remodeling costs. Saffron-colored cupboards and paprika-colored countertops offset stainless steel appliances; this design makes a small kitchen feel warm and inviting.

A cottage-style kitchen needs only light colored or white wood cabinets with open shelves to display china and dishware. A kitchen can be easily transformed into an English-country kitchen by decorating with vintage furniture, crisp colors, flowery drapes and subway-tile countertops. For a twist on a country-themed kitchen, create a French-country space with a color theme of green, blue or red. Add distressed furniture and cabinetry, plus basket accents.

A Tuscan-look turns an ordinary space into an Italian kitchen. Tumbled-stone flooring paired with an earthy color scheme gives a kitchen an Italian flair. Open cabinets made of aged or distressed wood complete the Tuscan-style kitchen decor.