What Are Some Kitchen Ceiling Ideas?


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One ceiling idea to use in the kitchen is the coffered ceiling. This decorative design features a series of sunken panels that are surrounded by wooden beams. The beams are what make the design stand out because they can be as plain or as ornate as desired. In some cases, regular white beams are used to outline the panels, but other designs feature beautiful wood finishes and decorative accents.

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What Are Some Kitchen Ceiling Ideas?
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Another kitchen ceiling idea is the cove-vaulted ceiling. This design features curved molding that transitions seamlessly from the walls to the ceiling. This leaves no sharp edges or lines to define the separation of the two points and it gives a soft, graceful look to the room. One particular version, the low, cove-vaulted brick ceiling, adds Tuscan inspirations into the design by using light-colored bricks and rich wood beams to accent the look.

One more kitchen ceiling design is the tray ceiling. This design gives owners two different looks to choose from. Both designs feature a flat, rectangular center, but one includes a center that pushes outward towards the room, while the other has an inverted center. Each design works well with recessed lighting to highlight the space. This particular ceiling design is also used to give the illusion of extra height in rooms.

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