What Kitchen Appliances Are Made by Kenwood USA?

What Kitchen Appliances Are Made by Kenwood USA?

Kenwood USA makes stand mixers, mixer attachments, blenders, food processors and juicers. One of its mixers, the Cooking Chef, stirs ingredients while also cooking them.

As of 2015, Kenwood manufacturers three types of stand mixers that it refers to as kitchen machines. The Cooking Chef has eight mixing speeds, three stirring speeds, temperature settings from 70 to 285 degrees Fahrenheit and a three-hour timer. The product combines ingredients in a stainless steel bowl and heats them using induction cooking.

The Chef and Chef Major kitchen machines mix, but they do not cook. Both products have variable speeds, speed control and include a variety of attachments. The Chef Major is slightly larger, sporting a more powerful motor than the regular model. Moreover, it comes equipped with a 7-quart bowl, which is more capacious than the Chef's 4.75-quart bowl.

Kenwood also sells attachments that fit its kitchen machines. These include fold tools, beaters, a food processor, whisks, dessert makers and a citrus press, as well as a mini chopper, a pasta roller, a food grinder, pasta cutters and a dicing attachment. Customers can also purchase glass and stainless steel bowls for their Cooking Chef, Chef and Chef Major appliances.

The company's two types of blenders and three models of hand blenders are designed to be powerful and efficient. Kenwood also produces two food processors, including a full-sized version that can weigh ingredients and a compact one designed for smaller kitchens. Finally, the company's juicer features advanced pulp extraction technology in order to produce more fruit and vegetable juice, with less pulp.