What are the best kitchen appliances for a culinary student?


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Food processors, mixers, toaster ovens and blenders are essential appliances for culinary students. Since learning the culinary arts is a several-year process, students should acquire large-capacity food processors that are durable and can stand up to long-term use.

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Standing mixers are ideal for culinary students who need to bake bread or make desserts regularly. For students who do not have to knead dough, hand mixers are sufficient for most other mixing needs and are also much more affordable. Blenders are useful for preparing soups, sauces and beverages.

Since culinary students typically have to share conventional ovens and kitchen space, toaster ovens are a convenient alternative to range ovens. Toaster ovens are useful for cooking small amounts of food for one or two people. When purchasing toaster ovens, students should opt for models with convection options. Convection ovens use fans to channel hot air through their interiors, which reduces cooking time. This feature is especially useful for students cooking on tight schedules.

Though less essential, ice cream makers, panini presses and immersion blenders are valuable appliances for culinary students. Before stocking up on kitchen appliances, a student should assess factors such as budget size, available storage space and which appliances will receive the most use.

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