Which Kitchen Appliances Are the Best to Buy When Renovating a Kitchen?


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When renovating a kitchen, ovens, surface-cooking appliances, air-quality products and refrigerators are important larger appliances. Important smaller appliances include microwaves and blenders, while a variety of optional appliances, such as dishwashers and coffee makers, help round out a renovation.

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Ovens allow for baking, roasting and broiling of foods. These typically sit low to the ground or are put waist high in cabinets or into the wall. Alternatively, there are convection ovens that allow for even, quick cooking and smaller ovens that can sit on counters in areas where a full-size oven is not practical. Many ovens come with a surface-cooking unit included.

Surface cookers include grills, gas or electric burners, griddles and induction cookers that provide direct heat. These can also be purchased separately from ovens. Air-quality items, such as ventilation hoods or fans over surface cookers, keep the kitchen clean of smoke and steam that is created during cooking. This ensures the air quality remains breathable.

Refrigerators and freezers keep foods safe to eat, and there are a variety of options. Traditional fridges have the freezer on top of the refrigeration section, while many modern options sit side by side and include many other features, such as ice makers, water purification filters and digital screens.

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