What Is a Kirkland Washer?


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A Kirkland washer is a clothes washing machine manufactured by Whirlpool and sold exclusively at Costco stores. Various models of Kirkland washers offer super capacity, super capacity plus and extra large capacity loading on front and top load washing machines.

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Most models of the Kirkland signature washers include liquid fabric softener dispensers, temperature settings and load size settings to accommodate residential or commercial cleaning needs. Some models of Kirkland washers include an extra rinse elector for additional rinsing and spinning at the end of a wash cycle and an end of cycle signal selector to indicate when the laundry load is complete.

To maintain and clean a Kirkland washer, users should use a soft, damp sponge or cloth to wipe up detergent or bleach spills on the outside of the unit. The interior of a Kirkland washer can be cleaned by mixing 2 cups of detergent and 1 cup of chlorine bleach together. Once the mixture is poured into the washer, a complete cycle set on hot water washing should be run to remove hard water deposits and residue from dirty laundry. To maintain high-quality performance when using a Kirkland washer, the water inlet hoses should be replaced after five years to reduce the risk of hose damage.

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