What Kinds of Television Models Does Best Buy Carry?

Best Buy carries flat-panel, curved, three-dimensional and smart televisions. The company also offers 4K Ultra high-definition televisions, light-emitting diode televisions, liquid-crystal display televisions and outdoor televisions, as well as plasma and organic light-emitting diode TVs.

Best Buy offers a large selection of different name-brand television models within each type of TV that it offers. The selection includes major brands, such as Sony, LG, VIZIO, Panasonic and Samsung, as well as Sharp, Toshiba, RCA, JVC and many others. Customers choose to shop by brand-name, type of television, screen size, price range or other features, such as wall mountability, smart capability, digital tuning or simulated surround sound. Criteria options also include refresh rate, resolution, condition, inputs/outputs and customer ratings.

Best Buy sells SunBrite signature series and pro-series outdoor TVs. The pro-series models are suitable for use in extreme temperatures, and they feature anti-reflective, tempered glass for easy viewing in direct sunlight. Best Buy's 4K Ultra high-definition televisions provide higher picture resolution than standard 1080-pixel, high-definition TVs, and several models feature Smart TV, a web browser, built-in Wi-Fi or 3D capability. The company sells LG organic light-emitting diode televisions as of 2015. OLED TVs use an organic substance that glows when an electric current is present, and it also reduces the weight and thickness of units.

Best Buy also sells TV/DVD combos, TV and home theater accessories and home theater services. Home theater services include installation, recycling and protection/repair plans.