What Kinds of Tasks Can a Scrub Daddy Sponge Perform?


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Known for its effectiveness in washing dishes and cleaning household fixtures and appliances, the Sponge Daddy is also capable of cleaning everything from shoes to lawn furniture. Some people even use it to clean their cars and boats.

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Other popular uses for the Sponge Daddy include cleaning outdoor grills and grates and indoor oven racks, removing hardened spills and stains from stove-tops, removing cooked-on coffee stains from carafes and removing baked-on remnants of muffins from tins. The sponge is great for removing traces of adhesive from glass and other surfaces. It also cleans glass without damaging the surface, making it useful for cleaning shower doors and bathroom mirrors. For personal care, the Scrub Daddy is good for exfoliating and smoothing rough calluses. Many people use the Scrub Daddy as a vegetable scrubber, using its cold-water-activated rough edges to remove dirt and stray foliage from carrots and other produce.

More outdoor uses for the Sponge Daddy include shining motorcycle, car and truck wheels, scrubbing white walls on tires clean and cleaning dead insects off car windows. A number of people use the Scrub Daddy to clean dried grass from lawnmower blades and golf clubs and give yard and garden tools a polish.

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