What Kinds of Reviews Do Cuisinart Microwaves Receive?


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As of 2015, a majority of Cuisinart microwave reviews on Amazon are positive, but there are negative and mixed reviews as well. Many users rate the microwaves as affordable, easy to clean, high quality and well-designed, while others complain of noisy parts and faulty plastic levers on the door.

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Reviews for the Cuisinart microwaves on The Home Depot website are positive; 81 percent of reviewers recommended the microwave. Consumers are satisfied with its compact size, which helps the appliance fit in small spaces. There are positive reviews for its convenient features that are easy to operate, and the stainless steel interior, which makes the microwave easy to clean. There were positive reviews in regards to the design and appearance. Most reviewers attribute the good look to the useful features in the design.

Many reviewers on Amazon found the Cuisinart microwaves to have an excellent design. They recommended the product to other users. However, some reviewers complained about the squeaky noises produced by the microwave. One reviewer found the microwave dependable and stylish, but complained about its noise level, which was five times louder than other microwaves. Some reviewers mentioned problems with the Start button, which fails to display light when pressed.

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