What Kinds of Reviews Do Crosley Refrigerators Receive?


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Crosley refrigerators receive an equal amount of positive and negative reviews across several review sites, as of March 2015. General rating sites such as ViewPoints feature mostly positive reviews, while kitchen product review sites such as ReKitchen contain generally negative reviews.

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ReKitchen allows its users to post reviews of various products for use in a home kitchen, including different brands of refrigerators. Its section on Crosley refrigerators is ranked number 18 out of 19 rated brands, with only 14 percent of users recommending the appliances. Each review consists of a five-point quantitative satisfaction ranking ranging from Very Unsatisfied to Very Satisfied as well as written accounts of the user's experience with the refrigerator. The written section includes a heading that calls out the most important point in the review, and the user can expand on this point. Negative reviews cover issues such as water leakage from internal parts and malfunctioning components.

The ViewPoints site enables users to review specific models of Crosley refrigerators, such as the FRS3R3JW series. This model receives high praise from site users, with most ranking it in the high end of the site's quantitative satisfaction scale. Reviews on this site can be rated for level of helpfulness.

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