What Kinds of Recipes Can You Cook in a GT Xpress 101?

What Kinds of Recipes Can You Cook in a GT Xpress 101?

The GT Express 101 cooks fast meals, usually in under 10 minutes, that range from pizza to cinnamon rolls. Popular breakfast recipes include mixed berry pancakes and huevos rancheros. Different ways to prepare eggs include making omlettes, frying and poaching. Popular omlette recipes include meat lovers as well as veggie and cheese.

The GT Express 101 is popular among college students because of the appliance's small size. From the comfort of their dorm rooms, students can make pizza, garlic bread or burritos.

People on a diet or looking to control their portion intake also benefit from the GT Expresses 101. Single-size portion control is easy by using one of the two wells to cook a maximum of 3/4 of a cup of food, and its non-stick coating cuts down on using unnecessary fats and oils.

Healthy recipes compatible with the GT Express 101 include eggplant vegetable boats, quiche lorraine, a spinach vegetarian wrap or a whole-wheat pitawich. Recipes that satisfy a sweet-tooth include pineapple outside-in cake, lemon cherry pies and fruit-filled no roll crepes.

Dual-heating surfaces also make this an ideal appliance for busy families. Older children and busy parents can take advantage of the easy-to-use GT Express 101 to make a grilled cheese, pigs-in-a-blanket or crispy baked potatoes as an after school snack.