What Kinds of Products Does the Columbia Boiler Company Make?


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As of 2015, the Columbia Boiler Company manufactures residential, commercial, industrial and waste oil boilers and accessories. The company also manufactures commercial and waste oil heaters.

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The Columbia Boiler Company manufactures four models of residential boilers. The Emerald Series is a vertical boiler that is offered in 11 sizes. The WB Wet Base boiler features a three-pass horizontal tube design and a direct-vent option. The LV Low Mass boiler is a compact model designed to fit in smaller spaces such as closets. The Casco Bay CBX boiler features a hinged door and a casing that covers the burner, piping and controls.

Three commercial boilers using standard fuel sources are manufactured by the Columbia Boiler Company. The GL-L is an inclined watertube steel boiler with optional tankless coils. The WL and MPH Series are compact boilers. The WL shorter in height, and the MPH is more narrow than standard boilers.

The Columbia Boiler Company manufactures three models of industrial boilers. The CT Series features a pressure-fired combustion chamber and steel dome. The WL Series features a compact design and a large cleanout door. The CWH industrial boiler uses copper coils to eliminate rusting.

Six waste oil boilers for commercial use are manufactured by the Columbia Boiler Company. Waste oil boilers can be fueled with standard oil, or with products such as transmission fluid or vegetable oil.

The CPW/MWHX is the commercial hot water heater manufactured by Columbia Boiler Company. The company also manufactures three waste oil hot water heaters.

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