What Kinds of Plants Does the Ty Ty Nursery Have for Sale?

What Kinds of Plants Does the Ty Ty Nursery Have for Sale?

The Ty Ty Nursery sells fruit trees, berry plants, palm trees, flower bulbs and shrubs and hedges. Ty Ty Nursery stocks a variety of plants for any climate, and the company ships its products directly to customers.

Ty Ty Nursery also sells bamboo plants, shade trees, wildlife plants, grape vines and flowering trees. Ty Ty Nursery stocks common plants, such as blueberry plants and apple trees, and rare plants, such as the Japanese Loquat. Ty Ty Nursery contains approximately 24 fruit trees for sale, including apricot, cherry, nectarine, peach and plum trees. Ty Ty Nursery also sells exotic and tropical fruit trees, such as banana, fig, persimmon and guava trees.

Ty Ty Nursery sells berry plants and vines for commercial and home use. Ty Ty Nursery inventory contains 11 different types of blackberry vines, 12 different types of raspberry plants and eight types of blueberry plants.

Ty Ty Nursery recommends plants for certain climates. For example, windmill palm trees survive when planted in New York, Michigan, and Indiana, while Russian pomegranate trees grow in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The Ty Ty Nursery website includes planting instruction videos for its different plant categories, as well as a USDA Zone Map that provides information on the best plants to grow in each state.