What Kinds of Kitchen Countertops Does Wilsonart Make?

What Kinds of Kitchen Countertops Does Wilsonart Make?

Wilsonart makes kitchen countertops in high pressure laminate, quartz and solid surface. Its laminate designs are available with premium finish options such as matte, glossy and abstract textures.

High pressure decorative laminate, also known as HPDL, is the most common decorative surface used for residential kitchen countertops. HPDL is a paper-based product created by bonding melamine-impregnated decorative papers to layers of resin-treated kraft paper. Wilsonart offers over 100 Home designs of HPDL.

Solid surface countertops are available in more than 60 Wilsonart designs. They are seamless and do not require surface sealants.

Wilsonart Quartz countertops are nonporous, and stain- and scratch-resistant. Wilsonart has over 40 quartz designs.

Wilsonart.com offers an online virtual design library to visualize your countertops before purchase.