What Kinds of Grass Grow in Sand?


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According to Encyclopedia Britannica, beach grass, otherwise known as marram grass, psamma or sand reed, is a sand-binding plant from the genus Ammophila that grows on the sandy coasts of Europe, North America and Africa.

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What Kinds of Grass Grow in Sand?
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According to Wikipedia, Ammophila may also be referred to as bent grass. This type of grass is found almost exclusively in coastal sand dunes and survives because of its extensive system of rhyzomes which allows it to endure shifting sands and high winds. Ammophila grass has a rolled leaf, an adaptation to help prevent loss of water. These grasses play a significant role in preventing coastal erosion and, because of this, have been introduced by the British into nearly every colonial settlement all over the world. They are widely planted in Japan, Argentina and Chile. The name "Ammophila" originates from the Greek words "ammos," meaning sand, and "philia," meaning lover.

According to SFGate.com, there are also grasses that can do particularly well in sandy soil, or a mixture of sand and soil. Some of these species of grass include St. Augustine grass, zoysia turf grass, zoysia cultivars and blue grama grass. These grasses thrive in sandy soils because of their drought tolerance, but do not fall into the genus Ammophila.

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