What Kinds of Glass Containers Work Well for Terrariums?


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The best type of glass container for a terrarium depends on the type of plants being grown, but tropical plants do well in a closed container while succulents do best in an open one. Regardless of the plants, a container with clear smooth sides gives observers the best view.

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Most tropical plants prefer a humid environment. A terrarium container with a lid that provides a cover or a bottle with a small opening, that is still large enough for adding the potting media, planting, feeding and watering can provide this humid environment. If the humidity gets too high, removing the lid allows for evaporation and dries the planting media.

Succulents also do well in a terrarium as it helps to maintain the heat they require for growth. However, the moisture of a closed system is too much for these plants, and they prefer a container with a large opening that remains uncovered most of the time.

It is important to select an appropriate-sized container for the mature plants you place inside it. Most terrarium plants remain small, even at maturity. Unless the container is large, choosing smaller plants ensures it does not become overcrowded. Before adding the plants, inspect them for pests. Once inside the terrarium, they can do major damage.

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