What Kinds of Gardening Projects Are Appropriate for Kids?


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Some gardening projects appropriate for kids include collecting and identifying leaves for a scrapbook, planting seeds in the shape of the child's initial, making and maintaining a compost bin, gathering and drying seeds, and painting stones to make markers for a garden. Some projects that involve the creatures that live in a garden include catching and drawing insects, feeding a caterpillar and watching it turn into a butterfly, and building an earthworm motel out of dirt and a mason jar.

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Building a fairy garden is an activity that most kids enjoy. A child can decorate small birdhouses and dolls to create a miniature village hidden in garden foliage. She can also add small signs, paths, tiny potted plants and even a village clock made from a watch.

A project to get kids gardening, even in the winter, is creating seed starters. A child makes small paper mache objects out of tissue paper and recycled newspaper, using cookie cutters as forms. While the mixture is wet, she presses seeds of her choice into the wet paper and allows it to dry. In the spring, the child can plant the pieces, water them, and watch the seeds sprout.

To water the garden, a kid can make a sprinkler by punching holes in a plastic bottle. A parent can help attach the bottle to a garden hose, turn on the spigot, and watch as water sprays out of the holes.

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