What Kinds of Furniture Does Kroehler Make?


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The modern Kroehler furniture brand primarily offers sofas as well as smaller collections of chairs, love seats, ottomans and other comfortable seating. Sofas are the brand's flagship product, and it produces standalone accent sofas, full coordinated living room and den suites as well as enormous seven-piece sectionals that provide seating for up to 10 people.

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While the modern Kroehler company almost exclusively manufactures seating, the firm's namesake had a much more diverse furniture catalogue. In addition to seating, the historical Kroehler company manufactured credenzas, dressers, hutches, dining room sets, tables and other wooden furniture.

Peter Kroehler originally founded Kroehler after he purchased Illinois's Naperville Lounge Company in 1902. Kroehler continued using the original company title for some time but renamed the enterprise after himself when a tornado leveled the original manufacturing facility, forcing him to build a new factory. Under Kroehler's leadership, the company expanded rapidly, becoming the second-largest furniture company in the United States during the 1960s.

The company's profits slumped in the 1970s, and it fell rapidly from its once dominating position. In 1981, a competing Illinois furniture manufacturer, ATR Group, purchased what remained of Kroehler's inventory and assets. As of 2016, Kroehler no longer exists as a distinct entity but rather as a brand under which other furniture companies market their products.

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