What Kinds of French Patio Doors Can You Buy From Lowe's?


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Lowe's offers French-style patio doors from several brands, including ReliaBilt and Benchmark by Therma-Tru. The French patio doors at Lowe's come in many sizes and designs, such as push-out and sliding. They come in fiberglass and steel materials, some swing inwards while others swing out, and they vary in appearance from plain glass panel doors to decorative pieces.

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The selection of French patio doors at Lowe's covers a wide price range, which considers factors such as door material and design. These doors range in price from around $400 to over $2,000 as of 2015. French patio doors from Lowe's come in the traditional design of two panels divided by surrounding material, which is usually wood or fiberglass.

Regardless of design, French doors come in many dimensions and materials to meet budgetary and environmental needs. The collection of French doors at Lowe's includes products made with different types of glass, including 1-lite, 10-lite and 15-lite. Some doors have grills between the glass panels, while others have blinds. Some doors, like the Glass Steel French Inswing door from ReliaBilt, have energy-saving mechanisms like low maintenance glass panels and steel. Steel is a popular choice for patios, as it resists rusting and corrosion, and is cost-efficient. Some doors, like the ReliaBilt Outswing Fiberglass door, contain durable fiberglass decorations that simulate the look of natural wood, but are more resistant to weather damage and water.

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