What Kinds of Food Can Be Stored in a Refrigerator?


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Any perishable food can be stored in the refrigerator, and refrigerator storage is necessary for items such as dairy products, meat, fish, leftover portions of cooked foods and leafy greens. Most fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer in the refrigerator, but avoid refrigerating potatoes, onions, tomatoes and bananas.

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Foods in the process of defrosting can be placed in the refrigerator, as this is safer than leaving them to defrost on the counter. Meat, poultry and fish bathing in a marinade should also be placed in the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth during the marinating process. Dough products, including tubes of biscuit dough and cookie dough, must be stored in the refrigerator to ensure food safety.

Food that comes in a container or wrapper should be kept in its original packaging in the refrigerator to reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into the food. Most packaged food has an expiration date stamped on the package and should be safe in the refrigerator until that date.

Keep refrigerated leftovers in a sealed container, and wrap loose items well before storage. Leftovers can be placed in the refrigerator while still hot and remain safe to eat for a few days. Leave room for air circulation around refrigerated foods to keep them fresh.

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