What Kinds of Damage Are Covered by a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Warranty?


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The standard Dyson limited warranty includes coverage for damage of the machine arising from faulty materials used in the construction process, as of 2015. It also covers damage of vacuum parts due to poor workmanship or malfunction. Coverage may vary by vacuum type and specific warranty guidelines.

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The warranty does not cover blockage or use of the machine beyond that for which it is rated. Normal wear and tear as well as accidental damage also fall outside the purview of the coverage, and Dyson does not cover negligent use, careless operation or neglect of the product under its standard limited warranty. Use of the machine outside of the country of purchase disqualifies any damage discovered from coverage under the policy, as does the purchase of a Dyson vacuum from any unauthorized dealer. The warranty also does not cover Dyson machines with altered or removed serial numbers.

The Dyson limited warranty means that Dyson shall repair or replace a vacuum or its components for covered reasons. In the case that parts are no longer made for the vacuum, the limited warranty ensures Dyson provides a functional replacement part. For information on a specific model's warranty or other Dyson warranty agreement, users should call the Dyson Customer Care Center at (866) 693-9766.

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