What Kinds of Countertops Does Menards Sell?


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As of 2016, Menards sells butcher block, granite, CustomCraft laminate, Corinthian solid surface and RiverStone quartz countertops. Customers can purchase limited styles of butcher block, laminate and granite countertops in-store and online. Solid surface and quartz countertops are only available by custom order. Most countertop options are available in a variety of finishes and edge profiles.

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During the first step in purchasing countertops from Menards, customers must carefully measure their space and choose a countertop material. In general, butcher block and laminate countertops are more economical options than solid surface countertops. Granite and quartz are the most expensive countertop options, but these options are also the most resistant to scratches and stains. Although they are not very scratch resistant or heat resistant, solid surface countertops are very stain resistant, nonporous, renewable, repairable and consistent in color and pattern. All of the countertop options are fairly easy to clean.

After measuring and choosing a material, customers must design their countertops by choosing a finish and edge profile. Menards offers free design guides for individuals purchasing solid surface, laminate or quartz countertops. During this step, customers should also carefully consider sinks, windows or other items that may affect the countertop. Finally, customers must visit a Menards store to place their order.

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