What Kinds of Cold-Patch Asphalt Repair Products Does Lowes Sell?


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Major brands of cold-patch asphalt repair products sold at Lowe's include QPR, Black Jack, Quikrete, and Henry Company. Products are available in 50 pound bags, 10 and 11 pound buckets, and 10 to 128 fluid ounce tubes.

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For small jobs, Quikrete Asphalt Patch covers one square foot and requires a single coat. The recommended curing time is 672 hours, according to Lowes.com. These smaller repair projects benefit from the quality of QPR 50-pound Asphalt Patch, which has a coverage area of 0.75 square feet, a curing time of 334 hours, and requires one coat. For larger repairs, Black Jack covers 10 square feet and cures in 24 hours with only one coat needed. Black Jack, a mixture of sand and asphalt, is also ideal for repairing small holes and large cracks, providing a smooth finish. All cold-patch asphalt repair products sold by Lowe's have low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels.

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