What Kinds of Circuit Breakers Does Siemens Make?


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Siemens makes a wide range of circuit breakers that include residential, molded case, power and miniature circuit breakers. The company designs and manufactures circuit breakers with global ratings and ampacities of up to 5000A.

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Siemens develops residential circuit breakers that protect home-based electrical systems from overloads and short circuits. Residential circuit breakers also protect users from severe electrical shock and mitigate against the risk of voltage spikes and electrical fires. The residential circuit breaker models that the company develops include arc fault circuit interrupters, dual function AFCI/GFCI circuit breakers, ground fault protection, and plug-in load center breakers. Siemens also makes molded-case circuit breakers with ampacities of 3 to 2,000A for industrial, commercial and original-equipment-manufacturer applications.

Siemens' portfolio of circuit breakers includes power circuit breakers with ampacities of 200 to 5000A and modular designs that support a wide range of applications in power-distribution systems. Power circuit breakers are available as draw-out and fixed breakers and are designed for use in switchgear and switchboards. Siemens also develops control circuit protection appliances that guard against the risk of excessive current flow in industrial devices. These low-voltage circuit protection devices include IEC miniature circuit breakers, IEC supplementary protectors, terminal blocks, and fuses and fuse holders.

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