What Kinds of China Originate in Poland?


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The best known china that originates in Poland is pottery from the Boleslawiec region of the country. Boleslawiec pottery is characterized by its brightly colored designs and decorations. This pottery is typically blue in color. It is decorated using a unique design technique called punching, in which the design is actually punched into the pottery using stamps; the combinations of these stamped designs is nearly limitless.

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Boleslawiec pottery is manufactured by multiple companies in Boleslawiec, Poland. The region is so well known for its pottery that it is often referred to as "Ceramics Town." Natural clay deposits are plentiful in the region, and pottery has been a primary industry there for hundreds of years. Older pieces of Boleslawiec pottery are highly collectible. Newer pieces are not as highly valued as the bone china that hails from the United Kingdom and Asian nations, but they are still in high demand.

A professional ceramics school has existed in the Boleslawiec region since 1897, notes Wikipedia. The school trains local potters. Most of the potters are members of the same guild which has been largely reformed since World War II, when many of the original pottery manufacturers in the area were either closed or destroyed as the result of Nazi occupation.

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