What Kinds of Carports Does Coast to Coast Carports Manufacture?

What Kinds of Carports Does Coast to Coast Carports Manufacture?

Coast to Coast Carports manufactures regular-style, deluxe and utility carports, and A-frame models with horizontal or vertical roofs. The steel building manufacturing company also offers RV covers as part of its carport product line.

Coast to Coast’s regular-style carports follow an industrial design and feature rounded corners, while the deluxe models are available in 12- or 14-gauge framing and feature a vertical roof. The utility carports combine a covered area with an enclosed storage space.

By design, Coast to Coast’s A-frame carports are greater in strength than the company’s regular-style models. The boxed-eave style of the horizontal roof A-frame typically appeals to the consumer who wants to coordinate the carport with a house or building. With its additional roof bracing and 12-gauge framing option, the vertical roof A-frame is popular with the consumer who seeks maximum structural strength. Further, its roof panels are designed for optimal debris and water runoff.

Coast to Coast’s custom fitted covers or carports are designed for the RV or camper trailer owner who seeks long-term vehicle preservation and protection. Owners can opt for a vertical roof and additional anchoring.

As of 2015, Coast to Coast displays its full line of carports, garages, barns and buildings at Coast-To-CoastCarports.com. The website also features an extensive photo gallery, a free quote form, specials and discounts, and customer and contact information.